Geekishgirl — Katarzyna Potocka


Geekishgirl — Katarzyna Potocka


Travel is about all stories that take us out of town. It doesn’t matter if it’s just around the corner of Vienna or if it’s the other site of the earth. But hopefully at some point in my life it will be another planet — keep it up Elon ;-) So everything that has to do with at least crossing the borders of Vienna, crossing the borders of Austria and far more interesting leaving the continent will be tagged as travelling the world :-)

The KoHub community on Koh Lanta

So after being two months on Koh Lanta to basically avoid winter in Austria, I had the hardest time leaving this place, especially because of the best people I’ve ever met. A big shout out to all those amazing people with their individual strengths and characteristics, that make you so damn special. Be aware when going to Koh Lanta and [...]

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka