Geekishgirl — Katarzyna Potocka


Geekishgirl — Katarzyna Potocka


5 highlights – Koh Lanta 2024

There are tons of things you can do in Koh Lanta, Thailand. What I love about this place the most is that every single season I find new exciting things that I haven’t done before. This season it was not any different. So let’s dive into (everyone who read my previous post gets the “pun intended” thing) the [...]

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

Fun Dives on Koh Lanta

So I finally made it. On the 25th February 2024 I got my Open Water Diver Certificate in Koh Lanta with OK Club Diving Center. Little did I know that after the first dive, I would be hooked on diving for good. That is why after becoming a certified Open Water diver, I tried to get my name up on the whiteboard at OK Club as often as [...]