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This is My Perfect Day!

Just a dream or a vision of your future?

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

Have you ever imagined what your perfect day would look like? And by perfect I mean the one day that even people who have their Tesla and their villa and their yacht are dreaming of. Maybe it would be something like going for a diving trip after having this important call with your client and finishing the day with a great dinner on the beach. Reading a book for 3 hours, following with a trip to a Natural Park and having some pool time in the afternoon. Getting your breakfast including a fresh coconut brought to your bed on a tropical island. Or maybe you would like to challenge yourself with a hiking trip with your friends while trying to have more me time for your inner peace and checking in with your clients afterward.

My perfect dayWorking on the beachMy perfect day

Does anything from the above scenarios sound inspiring or even tempting? Maybe you have a different vision of your perfect day. If you have, that is amazing. If you don’t, I recommend to take a day off and think about what your perfect day would look like. For me, all of those things sound amazing. And because I want to improve my life and have every day compete with each other in their awesomeness, I did invest a couple of hours in thinking about my PERFECT DAY and how it could look like.

And if you don’t know how to figure out what your perfect day could look like, follow the 5 steps to figuring out your perfect day at the end of this post.

Imagine your perfect day, so that you know where you are heading.


05:00 pm: I wake up to my favorite song, some Gekkos and lying next to Gerwin. After I kiss him and hear him “smile”, I untangle myself from under him and get up, go to the bathroom and notice that I am looking damn good in my shorts and shirt. I brush my teeth and clean myself and brush my hair — nice hair cut btw.  And check my belly — oh shit is this a six pack? Yes, it is!

I move on to the kitchen, which I love and grab a glass of water and drink it immediately. The second glass is my ginger/lemon water to be alert and healthy from the inside. I try not to hustle because it is my time and I am enjoying every bit of my day. I then grab my gym mat, go outside and start with my meditation. I meditate for 20 min without any problems and find my inner peace. Finally, I manage to have a peaceful time meditating without getting distracted by any thoughts. Way to go girl! The beautiful sounds of nature help me to have a great and calm start in the day.

After my meditation, I stretch and go back inside to rehydrate my body after my 6 hours of sleep by getting another glass of fresh coconut juice. With my coconut water, I grab my Bullet Journal and my personal development book, and sit in my favorite creative spot outside in the garden and put my feet up. I start with focusing and reflecting on the previous day and write down what I am grateful for and three amazing things that happened yesterday – which by the way is hard because the day has been fantastic and it’s hard to pick only 3.

06:15 am: After I reflect on my previous day and relish the feeling of being so damn lucky I read for 30 min in my current self-development book — true to the motto “better than yesterday”. I love the feeling of finishing each week a new book. And the new summary system I have works great and is also beautiful to look at.  

Gerwin joins me, gives me a kiss and starts with his waking process 😉 He is doing his workout and meditation, and I love watching him investing this time in himself.

After I finish the reading part, I grab my Bullet Journal and go through my day, which is ahead of me. In addition to all the things/tasks I wrote down the day before, I check the schedule again and have a perfect and realistic plan for the day.

I am super relaxed and am already looking forward to my training.

07:15 am: I put away my Bullet Journal and my book where they belong and grab my already prepared training clothes and put them on — did I mention that I really do look good 🙂 oooohhhhh … here comes another great song … Dance-Off with myself, here I come.

I notice that I can’t get rid of this smile on my face — what an amazing feeling, and I think it is contagious 😉

I pack my backpack for the day and check if the clothes for after training are all prepared.

07:45 am: I grab my gloves and my red wraps, give Gerwin a “see you later” kiss and go to my Muay Thai training.

08:00 am: After I greet all the Thai trainers finally by their names and they me as well we start the warm up session perfectly on time. I am getting better at this, love the progress that I am making.

09:30 am: Great Muay Thai once again — I appreciate the training and the engagement from the trainers. As usual, the Russian coach and I talk about our days and what he can do better, to engage students more in creating a habit out of these training classes. I love it that he is trying to make the training even better.

10:00 am: I jump under the shower and get dressed. Gerwin is already at KoHub, so I grab my backpack and the coffee bottle he has prepared for me and make my way to KoHub by foot. I stop by The Fruit Tree House Coffee Shop to grab a Nutrition Shake for me. The owner is so nice and chatty – feels like family already.

10:30 am: I arrive at KoHub 2.0 see a couple of familiar faces and chat a bit. After a couple of minutes of morning chat time, I find Gerwin and give him a kiss. As usual, he has already set up our table and is working on his project. I love that he is so happy about what he is doing right now and that it finally pays off. I love to see him happy and motivated and engaged. I set up my working space for the day, grab my Bullet Journal and start my work.

11:00 am: I go systematically through my slack channels starting with the most important one – my team. I am so curious what they managed to work on yesterday that I can’t wait to chat with them in the afternoon 😉 I hope that John Doe got his birthday present on time 🙂 It is the best team ever. I have never worked with such fabulous, fun and engaged people. And the mind power that we combine is mind blowing 🙂

A quick stop in the kitchen to fill up my already empty water bottle.

According to the slack communication, everything seems to be on track. There are a couple of things for me to check and a problem to solve, so before starting with anything else, I tackle these things first so that my team can continue to work.

I finish all the still open issues and check in with our clients so that for the standup meeting in the afternoon everything is done and ready.

01:00 pm: A short break for communal lunch — trying to figure out who is new and talk to at least one new KoHubber. Although it is always nice to meet new people, it is also very sad to say goodbye to those you got used to. But today is my lucky day: no one is leaving 😉
I definitely should start eating something else than Pad Thai, but it is just so delicious … maybe tomorrow 🙂 And now that Gerwin managed to explain to the kitchen staff that they should always cut an Avocado for me, no matter which meal I order, it is even better.

02:00 pm: Time to check our agile board and the progress and work done by my team. The slack communication didn’t lie — it does look good. I manage to give feedback on everything that needs my insights/ideas/decisions. Before getting ready for the standup meeting, I fill my water bottle again — good job for drinking so much water!

03:00 pm: Finally, I can see my team again. Everybody is on time or already waiting for me to join their chat. As usual, they have started earlier just to clarify all the technical stuff that not everybody has to be part of. I am amazed how great this seems to work. It is such an honor and such a relief to work with a team that is so disciplined and focused. This week Jane is moderating this week’s meetings, and she is doing a great job. I have to tell her to be a bit more strict with the guys losing track of the topic, but otherwise, she is a natural. Everybody is sticking to the approved system, and we all get a detailed overview of everyone’s work.

Finally, it’s John’s turn, and he starts with a big and loud thank you — which probably means that he got his Birthday present on time 😉

After everyone’s turn, I mention that we got a couple of great and constructive feedback from our major clients, which I pass on to the team. They are doing great work. I mention whom I have to talk on a 1:1 session to give them more feedback on the “Feedback required” things and everyone else does the same. Jane closes the session with an overview of the board and a summary what the goals until tomorrow are.

03:30 pm: Before I start with the 1:1 sessions, I go and fill up my bottle with water, while chatting with Clara about today’s evening plans — so proud that I am drinking so much. I attend all the 1:1 sessions and go through almost all of the things pretty quickly. There are two issues I have to clarify directly with our clients.

04:00 pm: I can finish almost everything that emerged from the 1:1 sessions and during our stand up. Everything else I have been able to delegate so that somebody else is working on it. I can also manage everything that was reported or requested by our clients, that my team couldn’t manage by themselves.

05:00 pm: Having my 2nd call with a potential client. He had some questions about our process and testimonials, so I am super curious what he thinks about all the material I have sent him the day before. I am surprised to see him very pleased with the info — I thought it would be a tough one, but I think my team managed to convince him, that we are the perfect fit for his company. The call is very enjoyable, and I have to stop him because he once again starts to talk about his boat and he knows that we have only 5 min left :-). We schedule another call for next week, and I ask him to send me all his specifications until the end of the week so that we can come back with an offer within the next week.

05:30 pm: Today is Tuesday, so it’s time for the Mastermind session. I grab my Bullet Journal and my water bottle, and I’m on my way. Oh, Gerwin has ordered me a Cold Comfort — so sweet — yes I am talking about Gerwin … well and maybe about the Smoothie as well 🙂

I love these sessions and the passion behind all the people who are attending. What a great way to reflect on what you have been doing, what your goals are and what you want to achieve in short time. It makes me so happy to see that these sessions help others to focus on their projects and keep them moving forward. I think Dave is still struggling with getting out of his comfort zone — maybe he will be willing to have a 1:1 chat with me?

We finish the Mastermind session with a weekly action plan for everybody that follows the SMART principle. I see the smiles and the motivation on all the faces, which gives me an energy boost.

06:00 pm: I check in with Gerwin and notice that he is already done with work and is checking his Bullet Journal. I sit next to him, check mine as well and finish up for today. That was a great and productive day. I think I even managed to use already the communication principles I’ve read about in the morning.

Although I love those days, I also am looking forward to Thursday — my learning day: an offline day (11-5 p.m.) which is dedicated only to personal development.

06:30 pm: After arriving at home and a short jump into the pool we follow our ritual, and we both prepare our things for tomorrow: clothes, coffee, morning juices, etc. We finally also figured out the best time to have a short family group call with everyone who wants to chat: after work for us and lunch time for everyone in Europe seems to be the way to go. I love that Ania always tries to integrate Aquinnah, Ishani, Vaishavi and Ryoko, but I’m not sure if they get the concept of video calls 😉

Before going out we sit down for just a couple of minutes without any devices and talk about our days and our achievements and setbacks. That is something I have wanted to implement for such a long time now. And finally, we managed to create a routine out of it. This is absolutely one of my favorite times of each day.

07:30 pm: Meeting up for another Pub Quiz — I think I’m getting better at this stuff, or not, but still it is a lot of fun, especially when Sara is on board. OMG, this woman knows everything 😉 I think I am getting a stomach ache from all the laughing — I love these people — they indeed are my second family.

10:00 pm: It was a fun night. And I love when Gerwin and I are going home by foot. That’s the time where we can talk a bit more about our days and our projects we are working on. Or just about the fun, we had at the Pub Quiz. 

He looks so damn sexy when he is all happy and motivated and talks about the things he loves.

Falling asleep next to him after I have read a couple of pages of the fantasy book I am currently reading is the best part of the day. It’s cuddle time 😉

It has been another fabulous day, and I can’t wait until I wake up to have another one!


Now that I shared my fabulous day with you, it’s your turn to dive deep into your dream world and figure out how your perfect day would look like. Because, if you don’t know what you are aiming for, it will be damn hard to get there.

How to figure out your perfect day?

When giving yourself only 5 seconds to think about your perfect day, you may end up lying on the beach and drinking cocktails or bathing in money while … well … drinking cocktails. But as soon as you really think deeply about the details that you see and the emotions that you feel and the people that surround you on your perfect day, you will notice pretty quickly, that there is more to a great day than just the shallow things.

5 steps to figuring out your perfect day

There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself, to visualize your fabulous day.

  1. Where exactly are you, when you think of your perfect day? Describe the location, the room, the surroundings and even the noise and the smell you connect with this place.
  2. Whom are you with? Who is the person or are the people that surround you throughout the day? Do they change? Are they known people or foreigners? Do they speak your language? Are you working with them or are you getting to know them?
  3. What are you doing? What activities await you during your day? Is it a lazy day with a lot of free time activities or are you working on your favorite project? Are you spending time with family, friends or other people or are you on your own, enjoying your personal time? Are you working out, going for a walk or challenging yourself by climbing a mountain?
  4. How do you feel throughout the day? Are you exhausted because you pushed yourself over your borders? Are you happy because you are surrounded by people you cherish? Or maybe you are on the edge because you are about to finish this favorite project of yours and the launch time is around the corner?
  5. Why are you wherever you are? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you surrounded by the people or why are you alone? The WHY question will give you a hint of the purpose for choosing this situation, location and time for your perfect day. And therefore will give you a direction on why exactly this day is your perfect day. As soon as you know the WHY, you better understand how to get there and why you should start immediately by taking the first step into moving towards your perfect day.

Share your perfect day!

Why should you? After all, it’s your perfect day! Still, when you share your perfect day with others, you are committing to achieving it. The more you share it, and the more people know about it, the smaller is the chance of you chickening out of reaching your goal. It is much harder to quit when people are asking you about your progress each time they see you. By telling others about your perfect day, you spread the word and find a lot of accountability partners, which will help you — even unconsciously — by achieving your goal and living your perfect day on a daily base.

I would love to read how your perfect day looks like. If you would like to share your fabulous day, please post a link to it in the comments, and maybe you will inspire someone else, to dive deep, think hard and create a vision of their own perfect day 😉

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