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Quarantine Diary: Day -2 – Last Night on Koh Lanta

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

Having booked a flight for Wednesday, 18th of March 2020, 2 weeks before my originally planned return to Vienna, I was devastated! How can you leave a place that you call your 2nd home and you are looking forward to for 10 months 2 weeks earlier than planned. Two weeks out of six! I have to admit that I managed this shitty decision pretty well. I think I had in total only 5 breakdowns, 13 mood swings and not more than 2, maybe 3 of those “f… everything I don’t care” moments. Because it was my last full day on Lanta, I managed to only have meetings for 3 hours and otherwise cleared the whole day to have some time off. But what do you do on your last night on Koh Lanta? What are the things that you want to squeeze in when you suddenly have only a couple of hours left in paradise? Well, this is what I did …

Beach day before my last night on Koh Lanta

Although I have been working on my sunburn since the beginning, I still hadn’t had enough beach time yet. And because my girl gang was willing to spend the last day with me, we decided to get some more Vitamine D. Without wanting to drive too far — time is an issue if you want to squeeze ALL the things into your last day — we ended up at Relax Beach in front of the Blue Wave cafe. And because squeezing in ALL the things was an issue, I started by ordering a Mango Lassi, followed by a fresh Coconut. Bucketlist #12 & #17:  Inbetween I basically inhaled the Peanuts Mixed Anchovy package — thanks Sara for one more Lanta food addiction — and had as dessert the Salted Broad Beans.

Ok time to do those last couple of calls to save the world 😉

Snack - Last night on Koh Lanta Mango Shake - Last night on Koh Lanta Mango Shake - Last night on Koh Lanta Beach DayCoconut - Last night on Koh Lanta Girls Gang Coconut - Last night on Koh LantaLast night on Koh LantaSnack - Last night on Koh Lanta

Meetings in between

After spending a couple of hours at the beach, we had to head back to take a quick shower and go to KoHub for the meetings — hopefully only 3 hours in total. Once again I have spent the next 3 hours in several Skype rooms, getting Coconut Lattes delivered right to my desk by the amazing KoHub stuff. And also being hydrated by Sara, who was bringing me water and checking in on me — LOVE YOU! This afternoon I even managed to switch the Skype rooms without spilling anything over my MacBook. What?! Yes. You shouldn’t judge! It is really not easy to switch Skype rooms with a MacBook, a charger, 1 iPhone, a glass filled with water (ok I get it, you could drink the water and carry an empty glass!), 1 squeezy bottle of honey, pen & paper, AirPods, 1 Coconut Latte, Mosquito spray … omg now that I see the list I have no clue how I managed!?!

Rushing through all the meetings, trying to finish up everything so that I could have a nice last night on Koh Lanta and also the next morning free of work, I finished on time. At exactly 0500 Sara and I went on one of our last “couple” rides to one of the nicest sunset places on Koh Lanta.

Skype Booth Coconut Latte at KoHub

Sunset at Sound Shack – last night on Koh Lanta

I have to admit that the decision on where to watch my last sunset on Koh Lanta wasn’t easy. But with a little help from my friends, I found the best place ever. And the reason for that was because of the people I was able to spend the sunset with. It really doesn’t matter where you are but with whom you are able to enjoy those moments in life. And I am really grateful that I have so many people in my life who wanted to share this last sunset with me. Adam, Alex, Alison, Laura, Marni, and Sara — you are the best!

So after really sticking to only 3 hours of meeting time in the Skype rooms, again switching at least twice, we went directly to Sound Shack. A place that Alex has been sending pictures for a couple of days now, every time he went for sunset 😉 The place is not that easy to find and you have to know to turn right before the 7/11 and then go directly to the parking spot of the hotel. But it is definitely worth it — I mean check out the sunset 😉

Last night on Koh LantaKoHub Gang - Last night on Koh LantaLast night on Koh LantaLast night on Koh LantaLast night on Koh LantaKoHub Gang - Last night on Koh Lanta

Dinner at Three Sisters on my last night on Koh Lanta

After only some peanuts, anchovies, one coconut, and a Mango Shake at 7 pm, I was basically already starving. And because my stomach wasn’t the only one complaining we decided on moving pretty fast after sunset to The Three Sisters for my last dinner on Koh Lanta. It was crowded but patience is the solution. We waited for a couple of minutes and got — especially in Coronovirus times — the most appropriate table ever. A table where you normally would have situated 6 people the most, every single one of the eight of us — and if you right now have been counting the people on the picture from Sound Shack you are crazy and at the same time right. Sabina joined us only for dinner — found a nice spot and we even managed to have dinner without having to eat from our laps.

Although I normally am really shitty at choosing what to eat, this time it was pretty easy. I ordered prawn cakes to share with all because having those and a main dish would have been way too much. We ended up having still way too many prawn cakes because Marni and Sara had the same idea 😉 And as a main dish, I ordered “Fried Cashewnuts”, Sara’s favorite dish. Well, at least during 4 weeks I witnessed Sara ordering this particular dish at least 6 times. And if that doesn’t convince you that this is Sara’s favorite dish. I even joined Kwans Cooking Class where Sara, obviously, decided to cook “Fried Cashewnuts”, what else 😉 I have to admit I totally get it. If you find your favorite dish, why the hack should you risk to get disappointed by trying out anything else 😉 Nah, just kidding. I am always eager to try new food. That’s why I loved Adam & Astrid’s Good-Bye dinner at Yangs Garden. And that is also the reason why I ate a lot of stuff during the Lanta Lanta festival. Even though most of the time when somebody asked me what I am eating the answer was “I honestly have no clue”. But those are stories for another day.

But back to my last dinner on Koh Lanta. It was a blast to have my last dinner at a place I have never been before with such a great company. And also thank you, Sabina, for joining us at least for dinner. We even managed to talk only half the time about Corona, The-Topic-Which-Must-Not-Be-Mentioned.

Honestly, I was so eager to go out for drinks, to have a crazy last night on Lanta and I was even thinking about skinny dipping. Yes Kevin, you almost missed that! But after all that has been happening during the last couple of days, I just couldn’t convince myself to go anywhere else then back to KoHub with Sara to grab our stuff and then back home.

Three sisters Last night on Koh LantaDinner at Three Sister - Last night on Koh LantaThree sisters Last night on Koh LantaThree sisters Last night on Koh Lanta

No party, no swimming, no drinks… on my last night on Koh Lanta

… just a calm evening in our apartment with Sara. After the last couple of days, even weeks we have all been so exhausted that only a couple of us managed to not go directly to bed. Especially after having stuffed our bellies with delicious Thai food. Although I have to admit that I had wished for a more “glamourous” goodbye. Maybe a more eventful last evening. Even a crazy last night! But I was so exhausted and done with everything, that I really couldn’t manage to convince myself to go anywhere else than straight to bed. One last party night? Not for Sara and me! We basically managed to get up the stairs to the first floor at Lanta Sports Resort, take a quick shower and said for the last time “Good night”.

Good night Koh Lanta. Sleep tight and stay safe.

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