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Quarantine Diary: Day -4 — Lazy Sunday

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

Although the Corona situation has been going on for a while now, I will start a bit before my first official quarantine day, Day #-4. The day where everything has still been amazing and fun and relaxed, at least in the part of the world, where I have been. Just a usual lazy Sunday.

Lazy Sunday Schedule

You have to know, that a couple of days ago I had the most amazing life ever. I was in Koh Lanta, a beautiful island in the south of Thailand and was enjoying our typical Lazy Sunday routine.

BootCamp on Sunday, 8 a.m.

On Day#-4, Sunday the 15th of March 2020, I started my day with going to the BootCamp class with Slava, the Russian trainer at Lanta Muay Thai Gym at Lanta Sport Resort, at 8 a.m.! According to me, the perfect start into a day. As always it was fun, damn exhausting and super sweaty. Finishing BootCamp I even managed to swim some lapses — because that’s what Slava suggests after a good BootCamp. A quick shower, one layer of sunscreen, one layer of mosquito repellent, as little clothes as possible, helmet in one hand, sunglasses in the other hand, and out the door we went. And by we, I am talking about me and my amazing roommate, Sara B., who was willing to share an apartment with me at Lanta Sport Resort this year. On our way to the scooter, I was already discussing with my empty and hungry stomach what breakfast treat I will treat myself with today. Definitely baked beans! Poached eggs or fried eggs? Shall I get my hopes up by ordering an avocado just to be disappointed because the avocado season is over? Mushrooms x 2. Dark bread for sure.

Bootcamp with Slava Bootcamp with Slava Bootcamp with Slava Bootcamp with Slava Bootcamp with Slava BootCamp with Slava

Scooter ride to Saladan

Mounting Sara’s scooter I was once again able to enjoy the ride to Saladan. Sara is such an amazing driver and was willing to give me a ride every single time when I asked her! Thank you! You are the best!

Lazy Sunday — breakfast at Fat Pig

After a short ride and some very annoying local scooter drivers we arrived at Fat Pig, our favorite “Lazy Sunday breakfast place”. We didn’t have to wait very long for Alex, Alison, Kevin, and later on Alex and Laura to join us.

The thing that I love most about Fat Pig is, is that you get a kind of building kit including a marker for your breakfast. So you basically decide what you want to have for breakfast. Just highlight every item you want to have on your plate, put your name on the sheet and a couple of minutes later you will be digging into your self-created breakfast 😉

For my unpredicted last Lazy Sunday breakfast I decided to go with:

Lazy Sunday Breakfast at Fat Pig

Lazy Sunday — Gaming after breakfast

As for our perfect “Lazy Sunday,” the tradition is, that we play some games after we have stuffed our bellies with delicious food. I brought Qwixx because the last couple of times it was way too windy to play Port Royal, our usual “Lazy Sunday breakfast” game. The first game was over after just one round. Never had this before, but Alex locked the first row after just the second turn followed by Alison. Playing 4 games I have to admit that Qwixx is just not my game. Don’t get me wrong! It is a super nice, fun game and super easy for people who are not total boardgamegeeks. But it is just one of those games, where the chances that I will win, are preeeeetty low.

Lazy Sunday — Massage at Serenity

Because, as you have noticed, the day hasn’t been awesome enough, we normally finish up our Lazy Sunday with at least 1h treatments at Serenity. And because you should never change a running system, at least that’s what others say, we didn’t want to screw with the universe and went for massages to Serenity. Kevin, Laura, Alex, Sara and I had amazing treatments and the lovely fruit and tea after the massages on the deck of Serenity.

Massage at Serenity - Lazy Sunday Massage at Serenity - Lazy Sunday

Stocking up …

or preparing for a lockdown. Although I have been working like hell because of my university switching to Distance Learning, I noticed that people have been getting a bit worried about the Corona situation. That’s why Sara and I decided to stock up a bit with canned food, noodles, rice, and other stuff that could be useful during a lockdown. We went to Lanta mart and got the following items:

After bringing our groceries to Lanta Sports resort, we went on another shopping tour to the market, where we grabbed some

Arriving back home after the second shopping tour, we decided to call it a day and chilled with Laura and Collie spread out on our couch and the floor in front of our TV watching “Love is blind”. And once again, no judging!

It’s a damn good life

You see! On Sunday everything was fine. Great BootCamp. Awesome breakfast. Fun gaming. Relaxing massage. Efficient shopping. And easygoing chill-out time.

And then Monday came … to be continued

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