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Pantawan Cooking Class

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

Me and my boyfriend booked the Pantawan Cooking class because of the reviews on Tripadvisor and we were looking for a Cooking Class in Chiang Mai during our stay in Thailand.
[box type=”info”]Briefly summarized: it was the best cooking class we’ve ever been to (and we’ve been to at least 8 cooking classes during the last couple of years).[/box]
We’ve booked the evening class, so we were picked up from our hotel in Chiang Mai by Kris and Danny. After the pick-up we headed to a local market in Chiang Mai to learn a little bit about the ingredients we will be using for our dishes and had the opportunity to taste some Thai specialities: Thai sausage and some sweets.
At the end of the market tour we drank a really delicious “smoothie”.
Than we headed to the Pantawan Cooking school which is located in a beautiful garden. We’ve been welcomed with a fresh cold towel and a delicious tea. After setting up our cameras, the cooking class started.
We were lucky, because we had almost a private class with Kris.

How to cook?

First of all Kris always showed us how to make a dish. We gathered around his cooking station and during he was cooking he also explained what he was using and what he was exactly doing. After the first dish was done, we all were able to taste it so that we could decide on the spicyness level of the dish Kris cooked. Then we moved to our own private cooking stations and were able to cook the same dish ourselfs. At the private stations everything was already prepared: wok was ready, ingredients were prepared, … During our own cooking time, Kris was always at our side to help us through some steps and especially to remind us to taste our food 😉 So the learning level is really high: first you watch and listen, and afterwards you have to cook by yourself *awesome*.
After preparing in total four delicious dishes we were seated at the table were every dish was heated and placed at our places. With the self cooked dishes and a Chang bear in our hands we were able to enjoy the beautiful garden view.
After finishing our dinner we were presented with our certificates and the recipes for the cooked meals.
After that Danny and Kris brought us back to our hotel in Chiang Mai.

I really do not exaggerate by saying that it was all in all the best cooking class we’ve ever been to.

Recooking at home

We also cooked already some dishes back home and they were also really delicious:

Btw. Kris (the cook) has a great sense of humor 😉

[box type=”note”]And I am absolutely sure that if we manage to go once again to Chiang Mai a visit in the Pantawan Cooking Class is a must![/box]

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