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How to fit 2 months Koh Lanta into a 23 kg luggage?

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

After being 2016 the first time for two months on Koh Lanta, I thought that packing this year would be much easier. Well, it wasn’t. Although I took pictures of all the clothes I had with me the previous year, I wanted to start over without “cheating”. Having in mind all the mistakes I made last year, I am still far away from a perfect packed luggage for a two months Koh Lanta trip. So let me show you how my packing list for Koh Lanta looked like this year … and what I think I missed and what I could have left at home.

What are the weather conditions like?

Before you pack your luggage you probably should check the weather conditions, you will expect. Checking Koh Lantas last years weather table for March-May, it seemed that the packing list would be containing mostly of light shirts, shorts and flip-flops.

Average min and max temperatures in Ko Lanta, Thailand

Average rainy days (rain/snow) in Ko Lanta, Thailand

As you see it is pretty hot during the months March-May, with the only possibility to cool down a bit is either the AC rooms or the bit of rain, that will make you more wet than really cool you down 😉

What did my packing list for Koh Lanta look like?

Because of are 10-day stop in Hong Kong before we went to Koh Lanta, we had to pack a bit more warmer clothes, so that we, or at least I wouldn’t be freezing the whole time. But that’s a topic for a different post. Let’s just focus on the clothes you’ll need for a 2-month stay on the beautiful island called Koh Lanta.


T-Shirts, Tank-Tops or other stuff you can cover your upper body with are essential. You will need at least one of those per day. Why at least one? Well walking around Koh Lanta in the middle of the day will automatically result in you sweating a lot. If you are not going by scooter from your accommodation to a air-conditioned co-working space, without stopping anywhere, you will be sweating. And if you want to go for a late-night drink or dinner, chances are really high, that you will want to change into something else.

Counting all my shirts I had with me, I come to a reasonable number of 15 shirts, from which 3 were left behind. Honestly I wouldn’t have needed 15 shirts in total, if we wouldn’t have been to Hong Kong before. The laundry service on Koh Lanta (especially the one at the Escape Cabins) is so convenient, that I would have been good with half of the shirts.

Koh Lanta Packing List


When it comes to shorts I probably have the same issue as with shirts. I could have left at least two of the shorts I had with me at home. But still, I am pretty happy that I had the chance to mix up my outfits a bit more, with the variety I had at hand.

So I packed 6 shorts/trousers, although one of those were my tracking trousers (which you can easily change into shorts by zipping off the legs) and two shorts have been sports shorts, which have been only used for Muay Thai classes and running. So in total I had 2 wearable shorts and one skirt with me. And now I take back my comment about leaving 2 shorts behind — no way I’m living two months on Koh Lanta with only one pair of shorts! And believe me … especially the Muay Thai shorts had after a couple of trainings a specific odour, you wouldn’t want anybody to have to put up with that *sooooostinky*.

Packing list Koh Lanta

Dresses & Skirts

I think Koh Lanta is definitely the place on earth where even I wear skirts and dresses. And yes, that means that you probably won’t see me ever wearing something other than shorts or Jeans while staying in Vienna.

the feminine stuff:

packing list - skirts

Swim wear

I had two bikinis with me and a special sports bikini top — specific for “don’t want to show my nipples while jumping into the pool” situations 😉


Sports wear

The probably biggest part of my packing list for Koh Lanta was definitely my sports wear. I knew I wanted to go running, but I also knew I would like to try out Muay Thai. Although I have to admit that I had no clue that I would end up going 2-3 times a week 😉

My sports wear included the already mentioned

packing list for Koh Lanta


I have to admit that while packing for Koh Lanta I definetely had in mind to get rid of almost half of my underwear before coming back. What I mean by that, is that I packed almost only my ugliest and oldest underwear I possess. But summed up it was something like:



Well that part has been really easy. I mean what’s the worst part that can happen? If I would really loose somehow my PJs — I’ll have to sleep naked 😉



I arrived with 3 pairs of shoes — seems to be a bit much for 2 months Koh Lanta, but wait …

This is definitely the part where I will try to get rid of one pair of shoes by just taking the sports shoes with me. Why the sports shoes? Well sometimes you need sports shoes if you want to go running or into the gym. And they can also work as “sneakers” for a city trip.

Conclusion — Packing List for Koh Lanta

I have to say that I honestly have no clue how heavy all of my clothes have been. But it seems, that I packed pretty good. I neither had had the feeling that I had too much nor that I was missing something really important. The only thing I would change would be leaving the sneakers at home and using my gym shoes for the city trips, which has been basically the only reason for taking the sneakers with me.


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