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The KoHub community on Koh Lanta

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

So after being two months on Koh Lanta to basically avoid winter in Austria, I had the hardest time leaving this place, especially because of the best people I’ve ever met. A big shout out to all those amazing people with their individual strengths and characteristics, that make you so damn special. Be aware when going to Koh Lanta and spending time at KoHub — you may indeed fall in love with the place and with the great KoHub community there.

Why is the community so important?

Going for a longer period to a place you don’t know and you’ve never been to is always easier, when people who live there or have spent some time there are willing to connect with you and are willing to assist you in different circumstances.

Knowing that you are not alone with anything you do or experience and knowing that you have people around you, that maybe had been in your situation before is a comfortable feeling. It gives you the secure feeling that no matter what will come, either people have managed it before or will be willing to help you out.

Not only in “emergency” situation, it’s nice and convenient to have people you can rely on.

Imagine working the whole day on your projects, managing to keep some deadlines, writing your emails to your clients and finally finishing the last meeting with your colleagues. What could be more satisfying than going for a beer at the beach with a couple of like-minded people, who had a same, same but slightly different day?

Working on your projects up to 7 days a week from KoHub is maybe super efficient and productive. But at some point, you will have the deep urge to escape your computer, wifi, and your working schedule. And here again, you can definitely rely on the KoHub community to be the perfect distraction. No matter if you join a 1-day Koh Rok trip, a communal breakfast, a cooking class or just a relaxing day at the beach … it is much more fun and a nice change in hanging out with KoHubbers and enjoying beautiful sunsets, fresh coconuts and a good Chang beer.
KoHub community on Koh Lanta

There definitely is a difference between people who are willing to help you out in situations you need assistance and the special and unique KoHub community on Koh Lanta.

I’m not sure if I can fully describe the vibe that comes with becoming a part of this specific community, but I will do my best.

What kind of people can you expect?

In my opinion, the KoHub community is a very special mixture of different people who in many things are like-minded but also differ in a ton of domains, which is one of the reasons why I love this special compilation of different personalities.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that you know what to expect upfront. Because there will always be people who will surprise you. Not only concerning their profession but more likely when it comes to their personality. Maybe it is because I live in Austria, Vienna since I am four, but the openness and friendliness are, at least for me, damn overwhelming. I have never met so many awesome and great people in one place.

KoHub community on Koh Lanta - Communal Breakfast

Overall you can say that KoHub is more likely to be a hotspot for techies, but especially this year I was taught a better one. Walking each and every day by Caroliens desk has been a daily shout out to my tiny and deeply hidden artist within me. In contrary to the regular equipment which contains a laptop, a keyboard, a mouse and maybe a Roost stand, her table was mostly covered up with beautiful drawings, pencils and a cup of tea.

What I want to say is that between all the software developers, project managers, and other techies, you can definitely also find, if you are really lucky, people who don’t rely (solely) on their laptops to earn money.

One of the biggest benefits of having such a diverse community at KoHub is the possibility to learn new stuff almost every single day 😉 If you have any questions concerning YouTube, WordPress, Shopify, Instagram, e-commerce, or any other topics, just shout out into the KoHubbers facebook group and you will probably get an answer back to meet for a coconut shake on the deck and talk the topic through. And if a lot of people react to your post and there is enough interest within the community, it might even end up as a workshop 🙂 I attended some of the workshops that have been held by KoHubbers for other KoHubbers and it always has been really good and enlightening.

Workshops I attended that have been organised and held by KoHubbers:

But not only workshops have been organised by KoHub members, but also other events you could take part in:

This specific and very special mix of personalities, abilities, professions and attitudes is what makes the KoHub community on Koh Lanta so very outstanding.

And the special Shout-Out goes to …

I wouldn’t have thought that my last years experience (2016) could get even better, but 2017 indeed managed to overdue itself.
I am so blessed that I was able to meet soooo many amazing people during my 2 months stay on Koh Lanta, that I can’t even put it in words. Which doesn’t mean that I at least won’t try 😉
All of you guys know how very, very special you are and how you enrich the lives of all the people around you.
So at the risk of forgetting someone really important and special, I still want to mention “all-ε people”, while “ε” describes the amount of all the people I will forget and never forgive myself for that, who have made these two months the very special and transcendent time it has been for me.


Thanks for being my 7min workout partner and pushing me over the edge to run just a bit further. And especially thank you for stepping in as Muay Thai partner after Keji left. Love it that we had the opportunity to continue our common journey for a short time on Bali. Thank you also for the craziest laugh I’ve heard my entire life. It can lighten up the darkest hour and make you smile even if you are miserable. I have to make it into a ringtone! A big thank you also for pushing me concerning my first YouTube videos and having faith in me 😉 Thank you for giving me a lot of best moments, best trips and best experiences during my Asia 2017 journey. Thanks to you I was able to enjoy a lot of great things with a smile accompanied by a crazy laugh. You are the proof that you can find your best friends while staying on a small island.


My dear Sara — I can’t even say what all those things are that I’m thankful for when it comes to you. First of all, thanks for being there again, when we arrived. It is always soooo great to see familiar faces — especially when it is yours. Thanks for being as crazy about board games as I am and for organising the first gaming event at KoHub. Thanks for being the helpful, overwhelming, super-friendly, extremely funny and amazing person that you are. Special thanks for sweating next to me during our Muay Thai classes. Thanks for giving me a ride to Old Town and all the other times whenever I needed a ride. Thanks for being a part of the Communal breakfast day 😉 and all the other precious moments I will keep in my heart forever. I am so happy to have you in my life. And I am more than happy to plan my next stay on Koh Lanta to match your travel schedule 😉 Thanks to you I know you can find best friends while traveling the world.


Thanks for the inspiring masterpieces we have been able to awe over every single day you have been at KoHub. Your beautiful drawings brought a bit of artistic flair into the otherwise very techie surrounding at KoHub. Thank you also for pushing the three of us (Laura, Gerwin and me) to go for the three dives on our trip to Koh Haa. It was so worth it. Inspired by you I took a silver jewelry class in Ubud, Bali after my stay on Koh Lanta — giving my artistic self a bit of the well-deserved freedom; at least for a couple of hours.


Thank you for always being on board with whatever was suggested and always being a fun and amazing part of every event. Thanks for the gaming events, the communal breakfast, the sunrise in Old Town, the massages at Serenity, and all the other amazing time I was able to spend with you. Thanks for being a part of my oh so precious Koh Lanta family. Thank you for your hugs, your smiles, the chats we had and the time we could spend together. Thanks to you I know I always will have somebody from my family on Koh Lanta.


Well, I’m not sure if I am really thankful for you making me take part at the Karaoke evening at Funky Monkey. I’m even less sure if all the people who have been there that night, are happy that you somehow managed to convince me, to jump onto the stage and sing with you. But I just can’t resist — it is always so much fun having you around. So thank you for being who you are and spending all those amazing hours with me. Thank you for giving me the best welcome-back-on-Koh-Lanta hug I received in my life. And a special thank you for having my back, or literal my ass on your shoulders, while chicken-fighting Natalia at the Pool Party @TheLantaSportResort 😉 Thanks to you I know that there always will be another crazy person I can rely on.


Thanks for being an amazing and pushing Muay Thai partner and for challenging my comfort zone by pushing your scooter to its limits by driving even faster than Thai guys 😉 I am more than happy to have met you on my journey 2017. Thanks for being my Kayak buddy and for the great time we had together. Thanks to you I’ve managed to loose my fear of riding as a passenger on a scooter.

Kyla & Robert

Thanks for being such a lovely and adorable couple and for joining us at the Easter Egg Hunt without cheating beforehand although you definitely had the chance to do so. Thank you, both for spending an amazing time with us during our cooking class at Thai Cookery school and having fun during the Gaming Day. Thanks for being part of the Koh Haa snorkeling and diving trip and being lazy with us during our communal breakfast events. It was lovely meeting you and a lot of fun having you around. Thanks to you guys I know that you can also meet great couples while traveling the world, who share common interests.Kyla and Robert


Thanks for being such an amazing and easy-to-be-around friend. It was so much fun talking to you about poker, waking up early, eating once a day and all the other stuff we managed to squeeze in during this short time, we’ve known each other. Because of you living in Germany, I am more than sure that we will meet again. I’ll definitely let you know how my juice diet goes and if I have survived it, which kind of is a prerequisite for letting you know 😉 Thanks to you I know that I will be able to manage a juice diet if I really put my mind to it (big IF ;-)).


Thanks for being the other crazy person that wakes up as early as I do. And even earlier than I do. That makes directing the attention at you when people think I am crazy for waking up that early, so much easier. “Just talk to Malachi, he wakes up even earlier!” Thank you also for your enthusiasm when it comes to boardgames. I am really thankful that we hadn’t had another so “competitive” person during our gaming events, so you had an absolute lead position when it comes to that. And also thanks for teaching us a couple new games that you can play with more than 4 people *claphands* 😉 Thanks to you I know that there are more competitive people on this planet — thanks for putting this into perspective.
Btw. this is the time you tried to explain the word “tear gas” by repeating 3 times in a row the word “grenade” 😉


Thanks for being an amazing and super nice person and for having struggled with similar things, as I am struggling now concerning the creation of my online course. It is always super easy to talk to you and exchange some experience. You always have a smile for all the people you meet, which makes you an adorable person. Thanks for all the smiles and for all the nice chats. And also thank you for kicking me in my butt and convincing me to just move on with my online course; step by step.



Thanks for putting my world into perspective when it comes to Karaoke. The first time I heard you singing you chose “Circle of Life” (while drinking shots ;-)). And it would be a horrible understatement if I would say that you blew my mind. OMG … that was like the best performance ever. Thank you also for all the smiles and also for being there and taking over every time, when KoHub had some power issues and no one from the stuff was available *hero*.

Mark (aka March)

Thanks for being an absolute charming part of our Communal breakfast group and spending our lazy Sundays with us. Thank you for being an engaged part of our gaming group and trying really hard to explain “circumstantial evidence” to your team — although in the end the other team (thanks Sara) guessed it right 😉 And last but not least thank you soooo much for “The Face” during the Easter Egg Hunt 😉 — love your engagement. If you want to re-live the Easter Egg Hunt experience, check out what happens on an Easter Sunday at KoHub:


Olli & Maya

Thanks for taking me in as I approached you the first time on the beach, while you were doing your 7 min workout. Thanks for being a constant part of our Mon-Wed-Fri 7 min workout on the beach routine and for making it sooo much fun. And Maya, thanks for being a part of the amazing KoHubbers Muay Thai team — look how badass we look 😉

MuayThai Group

Pascal & Alex

Thanks for being the other Austrian guys at KoHub 😉 Thanks for the great and fun Kayak Trip. Special thanks for the really great and well prepared Ad-Words workshop you held at KoHub.

Laura W.

Thanks for being a fun person and having such a beautiful accent. Thank you for the Instagram workshop and all the information you gave us, during the really great prepared talk. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures you took and shared with us. Thanks to you I am eager to get better at photography.

In addition to one of my pictures I have to share one of your amazing pictures you took during our Sunrise tour to Old Town on Koh Lanta 🙂

Laura W.

Woz Photography

by Woz Photography


Thanks Matt for being a fun guy, smiling so often and giving me reasons to laugh so hard. At least after I finally grabbed some of the stuff you were saying after two weeks of adjusting to your accent. Loved it! Thank you for sharing your humor with all of us and making us lol.



Thank you, Hazel, for doing all those yoga classes I really wanted to join. Somehow in two months, I didn’t manage to attend one single class. Shame on me! Let’s try again next year 🙂



Thanks for being the other polish person on Koh Lanta — I’m always happy to find countrymen during my travels. I wish we could have done the scooter lesson! Thanks for organising the Muay Thai KoHubbers intro session and the pool parties at Lanta Sports — OMG that was sooooo much fun — loved it.



Thanks Vaclav for being part of our amazing Kayak Trip and for taking some pix of all the people who were too frightened to bring their own cameras or even phones with them 🙂 It was great meeting you at KoHub.Pascal & Alex

Kamil & Adela

Thanks for being great neighbours at the Escape Cabins and for being fun people to hang out with. We still owe you a dinner! What do you think about Red Snapper, 10th of March 2018, 6pm? Sounds good? Just let us know 😉

Kamil and Adela

Lyudmyla (aka Myla)

Thank you for being part of our Communal Breakfast event, joining us for our gaming night and surviving Cards against Humanity, heading over for a massage after breakfast, and for all the great moments we had together.



I know that we basically didn’t meet each other on Koh Lanta, but at least we met because of another KoHubber = Laura. You definitely have to be included on my list, because with you and Laura I have spent the most memorable, fun, exciting days on Bali. I can’t remember a period in my whole life where I have been laughing so often and so candidly, then during our time together. Thank you for being an inspiration when it comes to being the fairest, understanding, selfless, friendly and heartwarming person I’ve ever met. Especially after only knowing you for a couple of days. Thanks for making me want to be a little more like you and for making me feel in awe of your reactions and your behavior. Thanks to you I know that you can find your female soulmate while traveling the world and meeting someone just for a couple of days. I think it was love at first sight 😉

There is still one more person I definitely have to mention. I know that I didn’t meet him on Koh Lanta, but he still is a big part of the amazing KoHub community on Koh Lanta.


Thanks for being so open minded and for joining me on this crazy but fun trip through Asia already for the second time. I am not sure If I would have managed to get so far out of my comfort zone without having you by my side. The more important thing is, that I wouldn’t want to do this without you.

You are my rock in the turmoils, when I lose my grip.
You are my calming consciousness, when I lose my mind.
You are my pushing force, when I would chose to hide.
You are my buddy, my friend, my lover.
And above all my significant other.
Thank you for being who you are
and for loving all of my curves and also my edges.

I know that there are tons of other people I spend time with and had a lot of fun. But please forgive me if I didn’t dedicate you any specific words in this post. You know you are in my heart and that we will meet again.

You guys wanna visit Vienna?

Perfect! We have a place to stay.
All you amazing people who have been mentioned above and who have managed to read till the end or at least at some point came this far; you know that you have always, or at least as long we live in Vienna, a place to stay. You are more than welcome to visit us and get a sight-seeing tour by locals 😉
Let me know in the comments when you want to visit Vienna or pm me, so that we can coordinate 😉

KoHub community on Koh Lanta — Conclusion

The KoHub community on Koh Lanta consists of very special, unique, impressive and fun personalities that you definitely want to be part of. Don’t miss your chance in getting to know your new besties, while staying on a beautiful island.
…until we meet again.
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