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30×500 – taking winter class 2012

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

30×500 is a class by Amy Hoy which helps people to bootstrap a business. The idea of the course is to ease the pain your specific audience has based on a so called sales safarii. A sales safari is a routine you really have to practice a lot to get the benefit out of it. But if you come to the point where you have your “Oh, that’s the way it should work” it is amazing … that’s what I’ve heard so far from a lot of 30×500 alumni. So far I didn’t have my “that’s how sales safari should look like” feeling, but after retaking the class this winter, I hopefully will get to this AHA moment soon enough.

So after attending for the first time the 30×500 class in summer 2012, I decided during the last weeks of summer class to enrol for the winter classe 2012 again. My goal is to go through all the theory again and according to the optimized and changed course lessons, to understand some things better that I missed during summer class. In addition I definitely want to do a better job on safariing. My problem was that I wanted to do some safariing but also wanted to go on with the further lessons and homework so I didn’t fell back on the course schedule.

Right now I am struggling with finishing the summer class and trying to get on track with the winter class, because there is a lot of happening on the winter class mailing list already. Although officially it’s not starting before 4th/5th of november. Yesterday and today I managed to read/skim all of the emails (>600) in the winter class inbox and more than 100 in the summer class inbox.

So my goals for the upcoming winter class are:

I’m really looking forward to the optimized lessons and the changed structure. Amy mentioned that we will be practicing sales safari on an assigned audience and in the second part of the class we will be able to do the whole process again with our own audience – which in  my opinion is a really great improvement.
Still after attending the summer class, which is not finished yet, I have a nostalgic feeling that I will miss this class and the people.
And one fear left: will I find a way to fit into the new winter class?
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