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Feinkoch – Lemon Rucola Linguine with dried tomatoes


Last weekend we’ve tried out the newest recipe from, which is an awesomely beautiful idea, especially for people like me, who NEVER know what they should cook: Feinkoch – Lemon Rucola Linguine with dried tomatoes

[quote style=”boxed”]”sweet and sour – a great combination”[/quote]

The dish itself is really easy to  prepare, needs a little time and tastes very good. For my personal taste it was a little bit to dry, because without real sauce, but still delicious.

What is

For all of you who don’t know what is just a short summary. It’s a little shop in Vienna with an amazing team of young people. They preserve every few weeks new recipes of main dishes, soups and dessert ideas and the best thing is – you can go there and buy all the things you need for these dishes at their place. So it’s not only a great idea for people who lack of ideas what to cook. It is also a perfect fit for boys and girls who hate to wander around the great big city to get all ingredients they need to cook a small meal for themselves.

So how does it work?

You just visit there shop, choose a dish and tell one of the boys/girls there that you need this dish for e.g. 2 persons. They’ll pack everything you need in a small little paper bag and you are good to go home and start cooking.

What are the benefits?

Although you get the recipe while you buy the ingredients in the shop I would like to share with all of you, who are interested, my photo recipe for this meal.

You can find the ingredients and the shopping list  at:

 Photo recipe!

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