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After preparing comes travelling

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

So after a lot of preparing and planning for our travelling around Asia trip finally the day has arrived, where we were my sister and her husband took us to the airport. Just two trolleys and two backpacks with our main working luggage – two MacBook Pro including power cables and adapters.

We decided to go at around 8 pm to have enough buffer time to be able to catch our flight at 11:20 pm, in consideration of all kind of bad luck that could happen: traffic jam, accident on our route, the car of my sister breaking down – again … So leaving our place at 8 pm we were at 9 pm at the airport already dropping off our luggage. After another hour walking and sitting around, drinking a Starbucks Venti Soy Caramel Macchiato with an extra pump vanilla, we told our drivers that they could head home — they were looking really tired and exhausted. There was a touching but very nice good-byeing and then we left for the body search and a long unpacking and repacking of our backpacks: iPad, MacBook, power adapter, camera, GoPro, …

Finally arriving at the Duty Free zone we had another hour to go — I can’t really remember how the time passed so quickly but after what felt like 5 min we were sitting in the airplane at our booked seats: 16D + 16E. After the boarding was completed we noticed that the row next to uswas empty, so we grabbed our stuff and switched seats. That way we managed to get 3 seats at the window just for ourselves — YIPPIE.

Travelling: Vienna – Bangkok

First things first — checking out what new movies I will be able to watch during our 9 hour flight to Bangkok; the first stop on our journey to Koh Lanta.

So on my to-watch-list were:

And the only thing that I managed to watch was The Martian and Spectre 🙂 Which is pretty amazing because that means that I did sleep a little bit in between.

Bangkok — a short stop in between

Because we had a change of our flight departure from Bangkok to Krabi, we now ended up having to pass by 3 hours on the airport instead of 2 hours. It ended up to being just enough time to finding an ATM, grabbing some food and some Parenthol, because I had the feeling that a cold could be crawling up. So Gerwin grabbed some food and drinks for us and it was time for boarding.

Sitting in the second row with nothing to do but let the time pass by and pray to whatever God was listening, that we would arrive as planned to catch our private transfer that we have booked in advance, the hour something passed really quickly. Still — flying will never be one of my favourite things — sorry Leonardo. I think Gerwin was more concerned about our luggage being lost than the transfer to Koh Lanta, so at least the chances were good, that we either would have our luggage or get to Koh Lanta on time.

Krabi — the airport

We landed pretty hard, but at least safe — so no real complaining here. Then, the waiting for our luggage part began — Terminal 2. Gerwin repeated once again that he is really curious if we will get our luggage. So we waited, and waited, and waited … until we and four other people were collected by a nice looking woman telling us something about Terminal 1. So I quickly checked, and fortunately that was exactly the Terminal where our private transfer would be waiting for us. With a small bus we were driven to Terminal 1 were we finally got our luggage and immediately found a nice looking guy who was holding a paper in his hand with my name on it — VIP status in Thailand — awesome.

Travelling: Krabi – Koh Lanta

The drive was nice but still after a really long flight and 3 hours at the airport in Bangkok I was starting to feel my eyelids getting really heavy. But that was exactly the thing that we should keep trying to avoid for the next two hours. Because falling asleep in the car would mean, getting to the Escape-Cabins at about 11 pm and not being able to fall asleep. So let’s try and stay awake *yawn*. Thankfully I had some TicTacs with me, so chewing on them and the soft punch from my left — thanks Sweetheart — kept me awake, at least almost the whole time.

We had to use the car ferry twice — first time we were really lucky and it took off immediately after we arrived. The 2nd ferry was still very empty, so because they depart when there is no space left, we had to wait a little bit, to move on. After finally reaching Koh Lanta — Saladan we asked the driver to make a short stop at the Tesco Lotus Express, as previously arranged by Yuko. We made the main supplies like the lowest sugar-containing Soymilk they had (2.5 %), water, toilette paper, kitchen towels, … and after 10 min we were on the road again.

 Costs for the private transfer for both of us: 2400,00 TBH 

The Escape-Cabins

The Escape-CabinsArriving at the Escape-Cabins we were both really exhausted. We were welcomed by Yuko. In person she is even nicer than I was thinking after mailing with her for a couple of times. So after arriving she did give us immediately a short introduction:

We still did have a little bit of energy left to quickly check out our room, unpack the most important stuff and clean up a little bit before falling asleep in our new 2-months-staying-home.

Good night Thailand — please be nice to us during our stay — we will keep you clean and wont mess with you either.

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