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5 things you will miss while staying on Koh Lanta

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka

It has always been really easy for me to call a new place home. No matter if I’m at a conference in Berlin for a couple of days or staying on Koh Lanta for 2 months. After the first night I can call almost any place home.

Koh LantaBut while feeling at home comes for me really easy, there are always things that you somehow miss, depending on where your current ”home” is.

Flushing the toilet paper down the toilette

Yes — that’s one of the things that took me the longest to adapt to.

If you are used to flushing the toilette paper down the toilette — which most of us are — and you have been doing this for the last 34 years, it is really hard to break this so powerful habit.

But that’s one of the rules when you live on Koh Lanta, or probably any other small island.
Roll of toilet paper
”But what shall I do with the toilette paper?” you ask yourself. No worries. There is a solution for that. If you go to the toilette on Koh Lanta there may not always be toilette paper in the toilette, that’s true. But there always will be a bucket to throw away the toilette paper. So please for all of our sakes, try to keep the toilettes unjammed and throw your used toilette paper into the bucket.

#1: Don’t flush the toilette paper down the toilette!

Showing off your favourite pair of Jeans

A good pair of Jeans can be my number 1 clothing, that I wouldn’t leave at home, when going with Elon to Mars ;-). But if you are staying for 2 months on Koh Lanta, believe me when I say, you won’t need them.

Well at least not as soon as you cross the border to Thailand and leave the airplane.

FlipFlopsFor two months Koh Lanta I have packed 1 pair of Jeans — well packed is probably the wrong word. These were the trousers I’ve been travelling with. Knowing that the average temperature on Koh Lanta is always above 25°C I could have definitely survived without my fav pair of Jeans. So the only reason why I had them with me, was to survive the always so freezing flights.

#2: Leave your Jeans at home but have at least 2 pairs of shorts with you.

Wearing your most comfortable shoes

If your favourite pair of shoes are not your flip flops, you will miss them. The only reasonable foot wear on Koh Lanta are flip flops. Well the only other thing to put on my feet while staying on Koh Lanta are fins 😉 So because walking with fins the whole day is kind of really exhausting, flip flops are the most seen and most comfortable shoes you should stick to.

Converse-v4aaAnd once again, I had some Sneakers with me on Koh Lanta. But the only reason was that I didn’t want my toes to freeze and fall of my body, while being for 9 hours on a plane from Vienna to Bangkok.

#3: Flip Flops are a girls best friend.

Feeling a little bit chilly on Koh Lanta

Remember the last time you felt cold and you wished for a little bit of sun? Not on Lanta 😉

Staying on Koh Lanta means sweating a lot. And I don’t mean in the healthy way you do while going to a sauna or a steam bath. No. It’s more the I leave my AC apartment, step put of the building, take my first breath of fresh air and start sweating. The last couple of days in April have been so amazingly hot and humid, that just walking in the morning at 7:30 am to KoHub has made us sweat like jogging 1 hour before.

WinterSo being cold or at least just chilly for a longer time period is something that you will be missing. So either you have an AC room at your co-working space of your choice, a 7/11 you can cool down or a café with a really good air-con, you will miss the feeling of goosebumps on your body.

#4: Be prepared to sweat a lot on Koh Lanta.

Showering with high pressure

Being able to wash and rinse your hair is not that easy when you get a water pressure that’s comparable with an ant peeing.

WaterpressureRemember that staying on a small island comes with spending more time to trying to get rid of the shampoo in your hair. Or maybe I’m just using the wrong shampoo?!

#5: Be patient while trying to get rid of the shampoo in your hair on Koh Lanta.
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