digital nomads

Digital nomads live a life that a lot of people dream of but are to cozy in their well-know comfort zone to step out and really do it. So here are some things that hopefully will make you think about your life style. And maybe, just maybe you will just make small and tiny steps and live at least a part of your life as digital nomad. And if it goes well, you will maybe become one of those, that inspire others to live a little bit more liberate.

This is My Perfect Day!

Have you ever imagined what your perfect day would look like? And by perfect I mean the one day that even people who have their Tesla and their villa and their yacht are dreaming of. Maybe it would be something like going for a diving trip after having this important call with your client and finishing the day with a great dinner on the [...]

Katarzyna PotockaKatarzyna Potocka